Know the future of the technology that will arrive in 2017


Already, last hours of 2016. This year we escape from our hands. However, we are optimistic, we know that there is something more, a new opportunity to do things right.

From we will analyze what will be the technological trends that will mark our day to day next year:

Cyber Security

2016 has been the year of massive hacking (in the previous article we talked about the massive theft of accounts to Yahoo). Therefore, it is evident, that in this new year the subject of the security in the network will be very treated by the technological giants.

However, this is not alien to us. Users also have a duty to monitor our privacy and to enforce our rights.

What is that? A bird? No, a drone

It is clear that little by little the drones are gaining ground to other devices and even humans (as in the package deal). Big companies, like Amazon or Dominos, are interested in that the regulations favor the use of this type of technology.

Artificial intelligence

It is difficult to find a company that does not want to develop its own virtual assistant at this point. Until now we had seen them on mobiles, but little by little they will be implemented in televisions and computers.


New materials for new terminals

Soon we will see how they develop folding mobiles (so-called folding). This will allow these terminals to have larger screens occupying the space of a normal mobile. The future is here.

Inflection point for social networks

It has not been the best year for traditional social networks (Twitter and Facebook): accusations of having participated in the election results, publishing false news, not acting against harassment, losing users in favor of new social networks …

Social Network

If the more “young”, like Snapchat and Instagram, do not know how to adapt to the new times, they can follow the same path as the traditional ones. And what to do then? Total uncertainty.

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Set up your NVIDIA graphics card for performance


NVIDIA graphics card

Performance is one of those aspects that are influential when choosing a technological product or another. No one likes that their devices go slow, and failing to make an economic investment, the tricks are always welcome to get something more fluid in our work with a computer system.

And not all of us are capable of having the top of the top. Sometimes we have to be satisfied with what we have at hand, and be able to make the most of it. Do you have a mid-range PC and want to adjust it to the current times to gain a few frames? If you have an NVIDIA graphics card this will interest you.

Although in the Android world the NVIDIA theme is left over with the NVIDIA Shield, its personal tablet, this applies to computers. And what fun has given us, especially when rooting or analyzing it.

While it is true that these tricks are aimed at computers of somewhat lower range, in the much higher range is not at all necessary. And another thing to keep in mind: you will get more performance in your games but you will sacrifice some graphic quality when playing them. Not everything can be achieved in this life, unfortunately. But everything is to entertain you even with what you can. Do not?

Note: This method can be done in the most current versions of Windows. It’s not a miracle, but it might give you some cache when it comes to playing. You need to have all the latest drivers installed.

Set up your NVIDIA

We just have to follow a few simple steps to carry out this process.

  1. Right click on any blank space on the desktop, and click on “NVIDIA Control Panel.”
  2. After the wait, we will get a menu. Click on “3D Settings”.
  3. In this section, we will see a bar whose ends put “Quality” or “Performance.” We mark that we want to customize this parameter, and move the bar to “Performance.”
  4. We apply, and we leave. With this small adjustment, we should have the graphics card to focus only on performance and leave the graphic issues aside.

Sometimes a sacrifice is required

NVIDIA highlighted

Although our visual experience is somewhat weighed, we may not care as there will be some games that more than enjoy it by the eyes, enjoy them for their gameplay. I myself have to throw the Overwatch to the lowest graphics performance, and sometimes the eyes hurt. But what gratifies to have your own outstanding play at the end of the game, is unspeakable.

How do you play your games?

Install MIUI 8 on your ZTE Blade V6 thanks to this ROM


One of the advantages of Android, is the large community of developers who are behind this operating system. That although some devices have official support by ROMs as is the case of CyanogenMod, which as we know to recently died in support, happening to call Lineage OS. We still have a wide variety of options, such as Paranoid Android, AICP, among others. Some devices do not have official support for any of these ROMs, but some developers are given the task of porting some to these, giving them even support for a long time, improving the performance of the terminal or making it reach an Android version more recent.

Also, customization layers are options that users opt for, as some may like MIUI for example, the layer of Xiaomi terminals. And is that they have appeared a lot of ROMs of MIUI for different terminals, usually Chinese. So in this case we present you a ROM, created by a 4PDA developer. This is a ROM of MIUI 8 based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for a mobile of the Chinese brand ZTE, we are talking about the lower mid-range model, the Blade V6, also known in other parts of the world as X7 or D6.

MIUI 8 for ZTE Blade V6

It is, in general, a pretty stable ROM free from any major failures in the system. It works completely for the device, both hardware and software, as it is well known that MIUI has a lot of tools and options that enhance the user experience. In addition, it is necessary to have a modified recovery, in this case TWRP. Once clarified, the first thing to do is to download the ROM from the website where they provide the link. It comes with the most basic of GApps, so you do not need to install them by flashing.

MIUI 8 for ZTE Blade V6

Once the files are downloaded, we will proceed with the installation. To do this you need to access your TWRP recovery, and first of all create a backup of the system in case something should fail or in case we want to return to our previous system. Then we will delete the system completely, including the data and the cache. When they have been removed we will be able to install the ROM file, which is a bit slow. Once installed we can reboot and then try MIUI.

Overall, we’ve tried the ROM and it’s pretty stable. Of course, as every layer of personalization has its repercussions on the battery, which while not draining at great speeds, will last a little less than normal, but nothing to worry about. And if you are looking for ROMs for different Android phones, we invite you to visit the ones we have analyzed for you.

Repair dead pixels of your monitor with this web in HTML 5


dead pixels

One of the most common problems facing today’s monitors is the death of some pixel, something that can actually occur due to a physical damage of it, although it is also possible that what you see as a dead pixel does not actually Is more than a pixel that has been locked in a single color, let’s say it would be something like if Windows is blocked, saving the distances, logically.

If we have the right tools, it is possible to solve this problem in many cases, but in others it will not be possible, but what is clear is that without trying and without testing the tools we can count will be impossible to determine if we can Re-count on him or give him for lost.

That’s why today we wanted to bring you the easiest and simplest option we’ve ever seen, since we can repair pixels that are stuck simply by entering a web page, yes, it seems a lie, but it’s true.

The web page is jscreenfix and when you enter it we will see a small box where the colors change very quickly, well, it will only be necessary to move that “magic” square to the place where we have a “vague” pixel and Leave it on for at least 10 minutes.


And nothing else, this is the only thing we have to do, do not run or install anything, you do not have to enter configurations or other solutions, just take the picture to the necessary place and let it act a good time.

In case you are skeptical with this solution, you can directly test it or gather information about it on the net, since the comments we have found are quite positive, but even if they were not, to try not lose anything.

Update your PC offline with Wsus Offline Installer


Update your PC offline

As we have repeated many times by these computers: keeping your system updated is vital to its operation. The false belief that updates slow down the system or hurt it are all fallacies. Updating you manage to shield your device from threats that are updated both at the software level and obsolescence of devices that ensure its smooth operation.

Although not always possible, of course. There are many cases of systems outdated by the simple question of not having an internet connection or of no or faults with the updating software – almost always redundant or substitutable – making the system vulnerable in the event that this outdatedness leads to a Poor maintenance of the equipment in question.

But rest assured. There is a tool that is able to download all the updates of your operating system and save them locally, so that if you need to update a compatible computer, you only need to run the program. Its name is Wsus Offline Installer and these are its characteristics.

Update as you want, whatever you want

Wsus Offline Installer is a software capable of downloading from the official servers all the available updates for the type of operating system that we have installed. It is also able to save such updates in a folder or memory stick so that we can update whenever we want in the case of a formatting or a restoration.

Wsus Offline Installer

The main requirement of the application is that we will need an internet connection to be able to download all the updates at once. In the window select the type of system, its “Service Pack” or its extensions and choose where to save the files. Once everything is downloaded, we execute the executable -value the redundancy- in the destination folder, and we just have to wait.

Wsus Offline Update

Here is something important to highlight. This software is responsible for updating the most important and fundamental parts of the system, not the specific drivers of the computer. That is, software such as the video driver or the sound driver will not be updated, since each computer has a specific type of graphics card or sound, and you will not be able to choose it in the application. Anyway, it has to be said: the idea is ingenious, useful and a functional and effective solution.

The best thing about the application is that it is completely free and accessible from its official website and has no cost whatsoever facing the user. Maybe its interface is rudimentary and maybe not as updated as it should be a software with such a gross potential, but without a doubt we can forgive. I have saved my life on several occasions due to my recent problems with my different computers, so thank you very much, Wsus Offline Installer – thanks to the name – for having solved my life.